MY Designs offers complete solutions, including web design, building and hosting sites in affordable, easy to update systems.

Every site is a custom website and designed to build on your branding. The great news is that you can update them easily (yes, really!) If you prefer not to worry about it, I offer monthly or weekly updating services at a very modest cost. And once you have your new site up, I can help you with your Social Media branding so that it all works together.

All sites are built with basic on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Analytics is installed. Once the site is built, you'll receive training on updating your content and tracking your traffic. If you want more in depth SEO, MY Designs can take care of that as well,


MY Designs offers a one-stop solution for your website, and I insist that you have control of your site at all times! The first thing you need is a web address!  MYDesignWeb.com is where you can purchase your domain or transfer an existing one. It's my storefront for Godaddy and is completely secure.

Next, you need hosting. This is also available where you purchase your domain, either through MYDesignWeb.com or  another hosting company. Purchase the WordPress hosting. MyDesignWeb.com (Godaddy) offers a fantastic Managed WordPress Hosting package which I highly recommend. The Ultimate Hosting Managed WordPress is my choice, as it includes security for your site.


The inbox is still IN. When it comes to marketing online, email has proven hands down to be the most effective. The great news is that it's also very cost effective! MY Designs can get you set up with any of the top email marketing companies, myemma, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. If you don't have the time to send out the emails, I can take care of that as well.


I have built many blogs for individuals and businesses, and offer a Blogging 101 workshop every few months to get you going quickly and efficiently. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool when used wisely!


Once your site is up and running, how will people find you? The web world has become very crowded over the years, and just because you have a website it doesn't meant potential clients will know you are there. It's not very different than opening a brick and mortar shop; it is not wise to depend on people just stumbling across your store...you have to tell them about it. In the same way, your website needs to be easy to find, and SEO is an excellent way to help with that. MY Designs offers an SEO package for WordPress websites that is affordable and effective. If you want to learn how to do it yourself once the tools are installed, it is one of the topics offered as a Workshop (or two - it is a big topic!)

 monica yother successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!