When you need something better than stock image, you need a professional illustrator. MY Designs illustrations are used for advertising, websites, magazines, books, marketing, swag and apparel. So what exactly defines an illustration? Here are some types of images that are considered "illustrations":

Hand drawn symbols


Digitally manipulated photos and collages

Paintings that are then used in books, posters, websites, sales or marketing

T-shirt designs

Seals or award emblems

Other "graphics" that include an image without words

Which may lead you to another question: what is the difference between a GRAPHIC and an ILLUSTRATION?

Good question. There are a few variations of this difference but it boils down to this: a graphic is usually created digitally by using software to render it (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or Corel Draw), while an illustration can be hand drawn AS WELL as drawn in the computer using software. While the job of both a graphic and an illustration is to describe the meaning of whatever words it accompanies, an illustration can stand alone to convey it's meaning, while a graphic relies on some kind of type to complete its meaning. A good example is a book illustration. Usually it will represent the action in the story either literally or figuratively...but can tell the story without reading the words. A graphic used as a symbol for a logo, on the other hand, will need the words of the logo to complete its meaning. (Strong graphics can be become a sort of visual short hand for a logo, like the Nike check mark/swoosh). Sometimes a graphic is actually made up of letters, like a monogram.

And that is why my business is "Graphic Design AND Illustration". I am a designer and an artist. Speaking of art....

I also do commissioned work for individuals, with subjects ranging from pet portraits to inspirational pieces. Mediums include digital, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, pastel and colored pencil.

It's always been a bit challenging to separate my artwork and my graphic design work on my website. Now I have a separate website with just artwork. I invite you to visit that site anytime at monicayother.com, where you'll see things like this: