Build Your Own Website

If you would like to build your own website, that's great! I totally get that. I would like to help you do it yourself. These are the same tools I use to build websites - though I use Beaver Builder instead of a theme. I want to save you time and headaches by sharing them with you. In full disclosure, these are affiliate links. But I ONLY recommend something I am 100% sure about and am using myself.

What you need to build your website

          1. Domain (name)

          2. Website builder (WordPress)

          3. Hosting

          4. Theme

          5. Email (with

          6. SSL Certificate (security and google favor)


The Basics - Domain, Hosting, Website builder, Email, SSL

If you plan on building a WordPress site, start here. This is a link to my storefront for Godaddy. You can purchase your domain and hosting - I highly recommend MANAGED WORDPRESS-BASIC. You'll get the hosting and Website builder in one step. Also, you can purchase email and an SSL. If you ever have a problem, call them and they'll help you. It's actual customer service by a person who wants to help, and this is one of the reasons I use them for all my own sites.

WordPress Theme

There are literally thousands of themes to choose from. My experience has shown that the free ones are usually the most restrictive, meaning you may not be able to change type style, colors or anything else, so if you want choices, visit Theme Isle and find a theme that offers you options. I chose this collection of themes because they have a great selection of quality themes.

Gravity Forms

Without question, you need a form builder on your WordPress site. Gravity Builder has been around a long time and is the top plugin for forms by far. It is easy to use, literally drag and drop, and can be used for simple forms or really long applications, or even woo commerce order forms.

Royalty Free Stock Images

Unless you have access to professional  photos, you will need stock images, and royalty free means no legal headaches. I have used 123RF for years and they are always adding photos and video, too. There are literally millions of photos to choose from! You can purchase blocks of credits and replenish only when you need to, or you purchase a monthly subscription. I use the pay-as-you go blocks.


Do you need an online store? Woocommerce is the number one shopping card app for WordPress. It is free, but if you are shipping or using coupons, or need to tie into an existing POS system you will need to visit woocommerce and set up an account to purchase a yearly license for the add-ons, or extensions as they call  them. They have great support chat, too!


Need a graphic for your website, social media or even print? Canva is an online design tool made for people who are not designers. It's super easy to use and you can store the graphics you create right there on their site to access later. They have pre-sized templates for all the different types of posts you need, and everything is pretty much drag and drop. They have a lot of free images, but if you do need to buy one they are very affordable.

Email Marketing - Flodesk

In case you are not sure, email marketing is still alive and working well. I have used it for years, and send emails out for clients. The great thing about emails, rather than social media marketing, is that you are in control of who sees your message. Always. For years I have used myemma, and Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. But I have just discovered Flodesk, and have switched to this. You pay one flat fee every month, no matter how many emails or how many subscribers. What?! Yes, you heard me right. One. Flat. Fee. $39 a month. Unlimited everything.

Print-on-Demand - Printful

This is the newest addition to the DIY family. Printful is a print-on-demand company, which allows you to upload your logo and have it printed on a variety or surfaces, including paper (with or without a frame), t-shirts, hats, accessories, pillows, blankets and more. It's a great way to create branded materials, and there is no minimum order. There is no monthly fee.

You've got this...but if you need help, I'm here for you!

If you get started and find yourself a little overwhelmed, don't panic. And don't resign yourself to a half-finished site! You can do this! If you need help, I'm here. We can set up a work session and get through the block. The work session is 2 hours and is $127. (you can split it between 2 people if you like) I'll record it for you and you'll be able to reference it any time you need to.