Get. Stuff. Done.

It's all about YOU: YOU pick the topic, YOU pick the date.

When you find yourself stuck on a project, tasked with something outside your comfort zone, or you just want to learn something new, a Workshop/Work Session is exactly what you need. Two uninterrupted hours of undivided attention to your project for one flat rate.

It's easy! Simply book your workshop below.


$127 for one workshop (you can split this work shop with another person and split the cost. I'll invoice each person $63.50).

$400 for four workshops (All 4 sessions must be within a 4 week period. Limit 2 people per session)

Just fill out the form below and submit. I'll email confirmation of the date and a link for online payment.



  • WORDPRESS Learn how to create and edit posts and pages, add plugins and widgets, and much more!
  • LEARN GRAPHIC DESIGN Make a flyer? Design a business card? Tell me exactly what you want to learn and that's exactly what we will cover!
  • PHOTOSHOP Don't be overwhelmed by this powerful software. We will spend 2 hours covering just what you need to know to tackle your next project. Photo retouching and digital painting are also topics we can dive into.
  • ADOBE INDESIGN The workhorse of multi-page documents! Learn essential moves to create polished and professional documents.
  • SEO - UNDERSTAND & IMPLEMENT Without talking over your head or boring you to tears, learn how SEO works and how you can implement it in your website (WordPress).
  • SET UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA Let's get your social media under control! We'll update the look of your profiles and pages so they reflect your brand.
  • DESIGN STRATEGY Being intentional with your design choices helps strengthen your brand. I'll help you understand how you can make the best use of design in all your branding.
  • BRAND REVIEW It's a proven fact that a strong brand can help your business grow. A professional review of your company's branding will help you understand what you can do to improve and upgrade your brand
  • BLOGGING We go over the basics of blogging, how to set one up, plan out a strategy and get you started!
  • WORK ON A PROJECT 2 hours to work on any project you choose. Stuck in the middle of a brochure? Trying to design your own website? Need a consultation on how to create a better brand? Let's get it done together!