Where to Find Inspiration

We’ve all been there; staring at a blank page or screen. The ticking of the clock counting down the minutes to the deadline; even if you can’t hear the tick-tock…you can feel the time passing. Must. Write. Blog. It all seemed so easy and even fun six or seven months ago, when you were planning…

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Connections Are Your Brand’s Best Friend

Last month we looked at WORD MAPPING  and how it is an effective way to plan out your branding and design strategy. We talked about writing out words that had associations to each other and used ovals (or whatever shape) and lines to connect them. So let’s talk about those lines – those connections. To connect…

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Multi-Tasking at its finest

These days the vote is split on the value of multi-tasking…at least for people. But when it comes to design, it’s actually a very good thing if it’s done correctly. First let’s look at what multi-tasking design means, and to do that, let’s look at what it does not mean…and to do that, let’s talk…

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