Where to Find Inspiration

We’ve all been there; staring at a blank page or screen. The ticking of the clock counting down the minutes to the deadline; even if you can’t hear the tick-tock…you can feel the time passing. Must. Write. Blog. It all seemed so easy and even fun six or seven months ago, when you were planning…

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Connections Are Your Brand’s Best Friend

Last month we looked at WORD MAPPING  and how it is an effective way to plan out your branding and design strategy. We talked about writing out words that had associations to each other and used ovals (or whatever shape) and lines to connect them. So let’s talk about those lines – those connections. To connect…

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Word Mapping

word map

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, what if that picture was of a thousand words? That is sort of the idea of wordmapping, also known as mind mapping. It’s when you write down a central idea or word, and then use bubbles (or whatever shape you like) to show…

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Think Like a Graphic Designer

think like a designer

I’ll tell you a secret; you, Mr or Ms business owner, entrepreneur or office manager-who-has-to-also-act-as-graphics-person-using-only-Microsoft-Publisher (Bless you), have what it takes to think like a graphic designer. I know, you are thinking, “But Monica, aren’t you afraid you will lose all your clients if you tell them this?” No, I am not worried about that.…

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Creativity is just a state of mind


People tell me all the time, “Oh, I am not at all creative” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Well, personally, I would not want any of my bones trying something new or different, so I am okay with non-creative bones. However, I beg to differ about the first statement because…

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Design + Strategy = Structure – Part one

Well, I did it. I hit the PUBLISH button on MY Designs’ Build Your Custom Workshop. This is an idea that’s been floating around for the last couple of years, and I finally put it into action. Do you have an idea that just won’t go away? You know it’s good, or at least you’re pretty…

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Priorities – Design Strategy

This year happens to mark my 30th year as a professional graphic designer. 30 years!!! Things have really changed in this industry, I can tell you that! What if I had not adjusted my course and adapted? I would not even be using a computer! I would be hand-lettering and using markers to color. And…

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Multi-Tasking at its finest

These days the vote is split on the value of multi-tasking…at least for people. But when it comes to design, it’s actually a very good thing if it’s done correctly. First let’s look at what multi-tasking design means, and to do that, let’s look at what it does not mean…and to do that, let’s talk…

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Grow your market by design, not chance

What can you do to make sure your brand stands out?   That is a top concern for most businesses when they think about the next marketing brochure or ad or website. As a designer, I am often asked to “make it really stand out” – whatever it is that I am designing. Of course…

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