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Design Strategy

Word Mapping

word map

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, what if that picture was of a thousand words? That is sort of the idea of wordmapping, also known as mind mapping. It’s when you write down a central idea or word, and then use bubbles (or whatever shape you like) to show…

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Think Like a Graphic Designer

think like a designer

I’ll tell you a secret; you, Mr or Ms business owner, entrepreneur or office manager-who-has-to-also-act-as-graphics-person-using-only-Microsoft-Publisher (Bless you), have what it takes to think like a graphic designer. I know, you are thinking, “But Monica, aren’t you afraid you will lose all your clients if you tell them this?” No, I am not worried about that.…

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Design + Strategy = Structure – Part one

Well, I did it. I hit the PUBLISH button on MY Designs’ Build Your Custom Workshop. This is an idea that’s been floating around for the last couple of years, and I finally put it into action. Do you have an idea that just won’t go away? You know it’s good, or at least you’re pretty…

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Priorities – Design Strategy

This year happens to mark my 30th year as a professional graphic designer. 30 years!!! Things have really changed in this industry, I can tell you that! What if I had not adjusted my course and adapted? I would not even be using a computer! I would be hand-lettering and using markers to color. And…

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Grow your market by design, not chance

What can you do to make sure your brand stands out?   That is a top concern for most businesses when they think about the next marketing brochure or ad or website. As a designer, I am often asked to “make it really stand out” – whatever it is that I am designing. Of course…

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